Open Water Swim Clinic

July 11, 2020

8am - 9:30am

Join Richelle Love, Jake Serpico, Jason Pohl and Clint Dalziel in this 90 minute open water swim clinic that will cover various topics to get you more comfortable and efficient swimming in open water.  

Requirements to participate:

1. wetsuit and swim safety buoy/Swim Buddy

2. Waiver

*to be completed right after registration and emailed to


3. Screening Checklist 

*to be completed the morning of the clinic and emailed to

9 spots left!

Yoga with Rose

Join Rose for a 60 minute mindful flow yoga class incorporating gentle flow, yin and meditation elements. Get centred in mind and body through breath and movement.

Give what you can to show your love.
Suggested $8 per class 

Zoom Link: 845 1685 0284



Run, Circuit Train, Yoga

20 min Run (or walk)

20 min Cross Training 

20 min Yoga

10 minutes of mindfulness

The class starts off with a 20 minute interval run (or walk) session, followed by a 20 minute whole body strength session using plyometrics and body-weight exercises and finishes with a relaxing 20 minute yoga/stretching session and mindfulness.  

Tuesdays 6 - 7:10pm

Field Beside Shouldice Pool


Cycling Classes

Join coach Richelle via Zoom for a high intensity interval workout on your bike. These classes will push you to your own level which is why they are acceptable for newer up to elite  athletes.  Great tunes and tonnes of energy these classes will push you to what you didn't think possible. 

Wednesday Nights

Saturday Mornings

Returning Fall 2020

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