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Learn to MTB Race

Learn to XC MTB Race 

Cross country endurance races are timed events – 3hrs, 6hrs, 12hrs or even 24hrs – where after the gun goes off, you have the allocated time to complete as many laps of the course as possible. These events can be completed solo or in a team of 2-6 (depending on the duration of the race). The rider or team with the most laps after the time has elapsed wins. These events tend to be very social races, with the transition area full of riders resting while their teammates are out on course. So long as you complete one lap in this type of event you will be a ‘finisher’, which is a great way to take the pressure off yourself.

The goal race is the Ziggy Gnarley Cross Country Super 6 Marathon on July 17th in Canmore. This event can be done individually or with a partner!

*we can pair you up with a partner if needed

**race fees and licenses are NOT included in the clinic cost

Intro to XC Racing is a 6-week MTB program designed for women who have never formerly raced mountain bikes and want to try it out with the guidance of a certified coach leading up to and on race day. There will be a mix of in-person training focusing on skills and race/event education, and you will also be given workouts to complete on your own time.


We welcome all levels from beginner to intermediate mountain bikers who identify as female to learn to MTB race! Our community thrives to be diverse, regardless of your race, gender, sexuality, ethnicity, age or ability - you are welcome here. We want our community to be welcoming for all, which means we rely on our community members to hold similar values of respect, community empowerment, and inclusivity. 


Led by Richelle Love who has many years of experience coaching and racing mountain bikes. She has been a short course XC Provincial Champ on many occasions and raced countless cross country endurance events (her favourite) ranging from 6 - 24 hours at a time, and some that spanned multiple days of riding upwards of 8 hours each day. Richelle wants to share her love for racing mountain bikes and guide those who may never have thought an event like this was in the cards for them. She is a NCCP certified triathlon coach, a PMBIA mountain bike instructor and in her final step of becoming an NCCP certified mountain bike coach.

Clinic Outline: 

  • Locations can vary. Most sessions will be at  West Bragg Creek or Station Flats. Pre-Ride and Race is at the Canmore Nordic Centre. 

  • The days will be composed of roughly 20-30 minutes of talking and about 90 minutes of riding. 

  •  Be prepared to ride in all weather conditions.


Session 1 - Wednesday, June 1st 6 - 8pm

TALK: Training Program Overview and Burning Questions

BIKE SKILLS: Importance of Line Selection (Smoothest vs. Fastest)


Session 2 - Wednesday, June 8th 6 - 8pm

TALK: Endurance Racing Nutrition

BIKE SKILLS: Faster Cornering 


Session 3 - Wednesday, June 15th 6 - 8pm

TALK: Trailside Bike Repair

BIKE SKILLS: Descending


Session 4 -  Wednesday, June 22nd 6 - 8pm

TALK: Race Day Logistics

BIKE SKILLS: Technical Climbing

Session 5 - Wednesday, July 6th 6 - 8pm

TALK: Packing for an Endurance Event

BIKE SKILLS: Race Specific Skills (passing and starts)


Session 6 - Wednesday, July 13th 6 - 8pm

TALK: Managing Race Week and Race Day Stress

BIKE: Race Week Prep 


Session 7 - Friday, July 15th 6 - 8pm

Talk: last minute Q and A

Bike: Group Pre-Ride 


Session 8 - Sunday, July 17th 


Group will have a tent in the athlete area and coaches will be onsite before and during the race.