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Mahogany SwimRun

TBD 2021

Mahogany Lake, 8:30 AM

SWIMRUN is a sport entailing at least two periods of swimming and two periods of running. SWIMRUN is usually completed as a partnership who complete the entire course together, but some races have an individual class. Partners can be men's, women's or mixed gender. Partners are required to pass all timing checkpoints together and must finish together, being no more than 10m apart during the race.











All the equipment a participant starts with must be carried across the finish line. This includes running shoes, paddles, flippers or any other desired equipment. Floatation equipment is encouraged, but gear must be under 100x60cm. 

Information about last year's course can be found on the Alberta SWIMRUN website. Mahogany SWIMRUN also offers a Try-A-Swimrun distance and kid's distance. Our course is subject to change (which is part of the fun!) 



Women's/Men's/Coed team - $170

Try-A-Swimrun team - $150

Kid's Swimrun - $20

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