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Wild Rose Women's Fondo


RnR is not just another another Event and Race series. We have been putting on next level events  and races for almost 20 years. We set the bar high making sure you have an experience you will never forget! 

Explore our premiere events below, uncover hidden communities, where shared passions bring people together like magic!


A premiere race series located in Calgary, Alberta

RnR Premier Events was created by business partners, Rose Serpico and Richelle Love. 

No matter the enterprise, they are always going to do it to the fullest extent! Providing the best experience to their participants. And always together!

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Rose and Richelle are nation-wide leaders in the triathlon, health, and wellness sectors of sport. In addition to putting on local running and multisport races, teaching yoga, cycling and mountain bike classes, they also own Canada's best triathlon store (Tri It Multisport), and have shared ownership in Stoked Oats.

FUN FACT:  Rose and Richelle met in the line up of a package pick up for each of their very first triathlons!

Creating Inclusion and Accessibility for All 


All RnR Premier Events/Wild Rose Women's Events, we will have FREE tampons, menstrual pads and wipes on site available for participants, volunteers and spectators. 

Life happens! Sometimes it is an unexpected  heavy flow or an early arrival. Menstruation can occur anytime. We want to offer a solution to our RnR Premier Events/Wild Rose Women's Events community!

No one should have to deal with the shame, embarrassment, or lack of access that are often unfortunately associated with menstruation.

We will have a box at each event (located at the check-in/information tent or table) with these products. Please ask any staff member or volunteer and they will be more than happy to assist you. All volunteers will use the utmost discretion and care to anyone who asks. 


All RnR Premier Events/Wild Rose Women's Events, we will have a breastfeeding cover available to use and will help find a location you are comfortable using. We encourage all moms who are currently breastfeeding to do our events and we will do everything in our power to make you feel welcome, safe and comfortable. If you would like to help us coordinate a space/time/location during our event, simply reach out and we are more than happy to help create a plan for you and your family.



I love the passion and excitement that Richelle and Rose bring to their events. Every athlete is given the Royal Richelle and Rose treatment to make you feel that you belong.  This is so important to the first-timers and the long-timers as well. I highly recommend all the RnR Premier Events to anyone who wants to challenge themselves or just have a great time with friends.

-Linda Bruce

I’d participated in my first Richelle and Rose event at the women’s triathlon in Drumheller.  I’ve run in a few events with other directors and I have to say that by far, R & R put on a phenomenal race!  They are very intentional and think about even the smallest detail!  I’ve loved every event I’ve been blessed to attend put on by these lovely, kind souls!  Looking forward to many more!!

-Adele Hoflin

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RnR Premier Events recognizes its series partners: 

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