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“OMG, I love Rose’s yoga classes.  As a physically active person, it is great to slow things down and focus on the balance, strength and openings that Rose takes us through.  I always feel 1000% better after than before the class.  It’s a true reset!



Richelle and Rose have found the perfect balance of a high energy bike workout followed by restorative yoga practice geared (ha) to riders.


 Rose’s yoga class is a great addition to our endurance, strength and speed work. Taking her class ensures I get a solid stretch complete with some torso twisting, which I rarely do on my own. Rose focuses on the body and the poses us athletes need to stay strong, long and healthy. I look forward to her class every week.


Awesome spin session as always. Richelle’s energy is contagious 🙌🏾

I always look forward to the sets she creates to push us beyond what we thought possible. 


What a beautiful combination of fight and surrender- thank you ladies! I’m hooked!


GREAT class. Richelle is able to make the class work for all levels and pushes you to challenge yourself in a supportive and encouraging way. I appreciate her tips and adjustments and she does it all with her positive attitude and spirit!


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